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  •  Access to Proven Campaigns: Insiders get access to our catalogs of marketing campaigns used in by our beta group
  •  Free Demographic & Psychographic Data: Insiders get free demo and psycho data for their area to pinpoint what campaigns will work.
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Dental Practice: Placement | Promotion | Profit
Dental Practice Insiders seeks to answer, provide resources for, and train on the following topics: Placing their practice in the right area, including where to expand. How to promote their practice in a way that will match the local population. How to get the most profit each month from the practice as it matures. 
Weekly Virtual Sessions
Each Friday you'll have the opportunity to join us on our weekly virtual call to discuss the topic of the month.  
Secret Facebook Group
Access to our private Facebook Group for ideas, suggestions, insights, and strategies to help your practice succeed. 
Demographic Report
You'll receive a demographic analysis for your practice and a personal consultation with a demographic professional 
Success Team
You'll be assigned to a team of like minded doctors to hold you accountable to the goals and achievements you've defined.
Training Library
Just in case you aren't able to make one of our live virtual sessions, all sessions will be available for replay.
Live Q&A
You'll have the opportunity to participate in live Q&A sessions with seasoned dental practice consultants.
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